Melanotan Peptide 2 10mg, intended for a quick, smooth and safe tan, is available in two forms - powder and for injection and as a nasal spray. The spray has several obvious advantages: it can be used anywhere, it is suitable for those who are afraid of injections or feel unpleasant sensations from them, it is more convenient to dose it (using spray "pshikov").

Melanotan-2 Spray Description
Melanotan 2 is an analogue of the hormone melanocortin, which makes it possible to tan and regulates the production of melatonin, the very pigment that gives the skin a beautiful golden chocolate hue. Melanotan 2 spray is a stable version of the hormone with a longer half-life than the natural one. In many European countries, melanotan is used as a protective agent that reduces sensitivity to sunlight and reduces the risks of ultraviolet radiation (for example, at risk of developing melanoma, solar urticaria and other diseases when sunlight is extremely harmful). Normally, it protects against burning. Among the athletes, models, public figures Melanotan 2 spray has proven to be an effective tool for a quick and safe tan. Additional bonuses from the use of spray Melanotan - is to increase libido and improve sexual life, as well as reduced appetite, useful for those who undergo a course of fat loss or is on a diet.
Melanotan-2 spray instruction
The dosage of spray Melanotan 2 depends on the weight. The higher the weight, the more injections the drug needs. Should be guided by the following numbers:
With a weight of 50 kg or less - two injections per day in each nostril
More than 75 kg (including more than 100 kg) - four injections into each nostril It is desirable to divide the daily dose into two or three doses to avoid irritation of the nasal mucosa.
The results of using the peptide appear gradually over a period of one to three weeks (depending on the initial skin tone). The drug can be used every day until the desired skin tone appears. To maintain tan, it is enough to do two injections into each nostril once or twice a week. Some were just enough to periodically visit the sun or in the solarium to tan remained.
Melanotan 2 spray application
According to reviews, a truly deep and beautiful shade of tan can be obtained only if you are at least once a week under the UV light - sunbathing in the sun or in a solarium. Ultraviolet when using spray Melanotan becomes safe, so do not fear the negative effects of radiation. Using peptide, you will never burn!
Melanotan 2 spray contraindications
No side effects. Rare cases of irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx disappear with a decrease in the dose of the drug. In hypertension, the peptide must be used with caution, starting with the minimum dosage.

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Spray for tanning Melanotan 2 (MT2)

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Spray for tanning Melanotan 2 (MT2)

Spray for tanning Melanotan 2 (MT2)

Melanotan Peptide 2 10mg, intended for a quick, smooth and safe tan, is available in two forms - pow..


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